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Interview of JJWallsh in her podcast "Seeking Sustainability in Japan".


Deniz Aygün Benba, founder and manager
Inter-disciplinary artist from Istanbul, Turkey.
She has a background in painting. Later on, she continued her creative carrier in performance art and culture management in Istanbul, Vienna, New York and Tokyo. 
She initiated “Happy Art Tokyo”  giving art workshops to all ages, focusing on weaving and crocheting with T-shirt yarn.


Sweet Dream Baskets

Sweet Dream Baskets is based in Tokyo, Japan.

We meticulously knit baskets for pets and to use for daily storage, with crochet hooks, patterns and %100 upcycled material. We’re focused on creating a unique product and a great purchasing experience for you!

We are easy to communicate with, punctual in our shipping, and will follow-up up after our delivery.


As I started crocheting a basket for myself, my cats Pusheen and Frost were sitting in it. After that basket, I kept making one more and one more... They just loved my baskets!

I know by experience that these are real Sweet Dream Baskets!

We are the only brand worldwide using %100 re-cycled t-shirt yarn to knit baskets for pets.


Our technique and patterns are all original. We were inspired by ancient tapestry patterns, as well as modern styles and symbols.

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